Lavender Curtains

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Transform your home into a serene paradise with our stunning collection of Lavender Curtains. These lovely curtains not only add a pop of color to your space but also provide a calming aroma that instantly elevates your mood. In this roundup, we’ve curated a selection of the finest lavender curtains, catering to various styles and needs, to help you create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere at home.

The Top 5 Best Lavender Curtains

  1. Purple Pairs To Go Victoria Voile Curtain Panels — 2 Pack — Add a touch of elegance with Pairs To Go Victoria Voile Purple Curtain Panel, featuring a modern sheer design, machine washable for easy care, and includes two beautiful panels for your home.
  2. Luxurious 4-Piece Room Darkening Purple Floral Curtain Set for Bedrooms — Majestic Purple Curtains — Darken Your Room in Style with This Beautiful 4-Piece Jacquard Floral Set, Perfect for Transforming Your Bedroom.
  3. Luxurious Purple Blackout Curtains for Energy Savings and Room Darkening — Experience superior sound sleep and energy savings with the Mangata Casa Light Purple Blackout Curtains, designed with premium triple weave fabric for optimal noise reduction, room-darkening, and thermal insulation.
  4. Luxurious Purple Light Filtering Curtains — Enhance your home’s aesthetic with the Kate Aurora Artisan Lightweight Transparent Faux Silk Sheer Grommet Single Curtain Panel in Purple — providing both luxury and light filtering for a fraction of the cost.
  5. Purple Blackout Curtains for Living Room — Dark Purple Curtains, 84 inch Length, 2 Panels Set with Grommet Windows, Blackout, Therma Insulated, Ready Made, Easy Hang and Care!

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Purple Pairs To Go Victoria Voile Curtain Panels — 2 Pack

Purple Pairs To Go Victoria Voile Curtain Panels - 2 Pack | Image

I recently added the Pairs to Go Victoria Voile curtain panel to my living room, and I must say I’m impressed with how they’ve elevated the space. The sheer panels are perfect for letting in natural light while still providing a sense of privacy. The easy-to-hang rod pocket construction made the installation process a breeze, and I love that they’re easy to clean — just toss them in the washing machine!

One downside, though, is that they’re a bit on the lighter side, so they may not block out all the sun on a bright day. Additionally, while they’re versatile enough for various rooms, the purple shade might be a bit overwhelming in smaller spaces. Overall, though, these curtains are a stylish and practical addition to any home.

Luxurious 4-Piece Room Darkening Purple Floral Curtain Set for Bedrooms

Luxurious 4-Piece Room Darkening Purple Floral Curtain Set for Bedrooms | Image

I recently had the pleasure of using the Chezmoi Collection Royale 4-Piece Jacquard Floral Window Curtain Set in my home. The rich, two-tone purple/dark purple hue of these curtains really adds a touch of elegance to any room. I was impressed with how easily they fit my windows, thanks to the rod pocket insertion system.

What stood out to me was the sheer backing and valance that came attached to the curtains, making the installation process a breeze. The easy care instructions were also appreciated, as I could simply throw these curtains in the washing machine whenever they needed a refresh. However, I did notice that the curtains were slightly sheer, which may not be ideal for everyone depending on their desired level of light control.

Overall, I enjoyed using this curtain set and found it to be a stylish and practical addition to my home.

Luxurious Purple Blackout Curtains for Energy Savings and Room Darkening

Luxurious Purple Blackout Curtains for Energy Savings and Room Darkening | Image

Imagine waking up to the comforting darkness of your room on a Sunday morning, effortlessly sliding open your Mangata Casa curtains with a soft touch. It’s like being in the heart of a movie theater, all the while reducing outside noise. But don’t let that fool you, they’re not just decorative, these curtains can keep your room warm and cozy during winters and cool during summers due to their exceptional thermal insulation.

It’s like having a personal thermostat right there with you. Plus, they’re a breeze to clean; just pop them in a washing machine and you’re done. And the best part?

They’re versatile, blending perfectly well with both traditional and modern home decor. You can thank me later for the extra snooze time!

Luxurious Purple Light Filtering Curtains

Luxurious Purple Light Filtering Curtains | Image

I recently had the chance to try out the Kate Aurora Artisan Lightweight Transparent Faux Silk Sheer Grommet Single Curtain Panel in purple. This sheer curtain panel is perfect for adding a pop of color to your room while still allowing light to filter through.

The vibrant purple color is exactly as described, creating a beautiful accent in any space. The texture of the curtain feels soft and luxurious, and the grommets make it easy to hang and maintain. One thing to note is that the light-filtering capabilities of this curtain might not be as effective as claimed, so it may not be the best option for complete privacy.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase of this purple curtain panel. The color and texture are lovely, and it adds a touch of elegance to any room. However, prospective buyers should keep in mind that it may not offer the desired level of light control.

Purple Blackout Curtains for Living Room

Purple Blackout Curtains for Living Room | Image

Picture this: waking up after a late night Netflix binge, ready to take on the day. As the sun slowly creeps in, you gently close the curtains to catch another few minutes of sleep. What stood out to you during this moment is the luxuriously thick fabric of these dark purple curtains. They’re not just drapes — they’re room darkening shades designed to block out the sun completely, with no light seeping through.

And these curtains aren’t just about aesthetics. With that rich shade of purple, you know you’re looking at quality. The softness of the fabric just screams comfort, right down to the thermal insulation that makes these perfect to use all year round. Plus, with so many grommets, they slide and hang beautifully, adding an elegant touch to any room.

But remember, it’s not all perfect. As with most fabric products, there’s a slight chance of wrinkles, especially if they’re fresh out of the package. However, a quick wash and iron seems to do the trick. And, while these curtains are a fantastic investment in your sleep and energy savings, they are a bit on the pricey side. But considering the quality, they’re definitely worth it.

So, these dark purple curtains are more than just a living room accessory; they’re a cozy investment in your home.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or simply want to create a soothing ambiance, lavender curtains are a great choice. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to provide you with essential information on the key features, considerations, and advice when selecting lavender curtains.



Lavender curtains come in various materials, including linen, cotton, and polyester. Linen is a popular choice for its durability and natural feel, while cotton offers a more affordable option. Polyester is a synthetic material that is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas. Consider the material’s properties and ease of care when making your selection.


Lavender comes in a wide range of shades, from pale lilac to deep purple. Choose a color that complements your existing decor or creates the desired atmosphere. Darker shades will create a more dramatic effect, while lighter shades will work well in brighter rooms. Consider the lighting in your space when selecting a color for your lavender curtains.



Lavender curtains can also be found in various patterns, from bold prints to delicate embroidery. Consider the style of your room and the pattern’s appropriateness. Bold prints can make a bold statement, while delicate embroidery can create a more subtle effect. Be sure to choose a pattern that complements your existing decor and creates the desired ambiance.


Lavender curtains can be lined or unlined. Linen can provide privacy and insulation, while unlined curtains offer a more casual, breezy look. Consider the level of privacy and light control you desire when choosing between lined or unlined lavender curtains. Additionally, if you live in an area with harsh sunlight, a lining can provide extra protection for your furniture and flooring.



What are lavender curtains?

Lavender curtains are window treatments that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They bring a touch of elegance and relaxation to any room, thanks to their soothing lavender hue. These curtains add a calming and soothing ambiance, making them perfect for bedrooms, dining areas, and living spaces.

Lavender curtains can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, linen, polyester, and even silk. They often feature natural lavender patterns or are a solid shade, offering various ways to decorate your space. Some may be lined for added thermal protection and to prevent light from leaking through, while others have sheer designs to allow for some natural light.


Why choose lavender curtains?

Lavender curtains offer several advantages. First and foremost, they provide an inviting and calming atmosphere in your home. Lavender is known for its therapeutic properties, which makes the color a popular choice for promoting relaxation and wellbeing. The soft hues of lavender curtains help to create a serene and peaceful environment, perfect for winding down after a long day.

Secondly, lavender curtains are versatile and work well with a wide range of décor styles. The calming shade of lavender can be paired with almost any color scheme, making them a great choice for a modern or more traditional home. They can complement neutral shades or be the striking focal point of a room.

What materials are lavender curtains made from?

Lavender curtains can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, linen, polyester, and even silk. Cotton and linen are popular choices for their natural feel and durability. They provide a rustic or vintage look, perfect for a home that values simplicity and authenticity. Polyester, on the other hand, is a synthetic material that offers good value for money and requires minimal care. If you’re looking for a luxurious touch, then silk lavender curtains might be your ideal choice.

Each material has its own benefits and disadvantages. Cotton and linen are breathable and easy to care for, but they may not be as moisture-resistant as other materials. Polyester is more forgiving and less prone to fading, but it may not have the same natural feel as cotton or linen. While silk is lustrous and exquisite, it may be more delicate and require specialized care.


What are the benefits of lined lavender curtains?

Lined lavender curtains offer several advantages over those without a lining. Firstly, they provide excellent thermal protection, helping to regulate the temperature in your home. The lining traps air and prevents drafts and cold air from entering, thereby keeping your space warmer in the winter months. This can be particularly beneficial in rooms with single-glazed windows or those located on the north side of a building.

Secondly, lined lavender curtains help to reduce light transmission. The lining blocks out light, making them ideal for bedrooms and media rooms where you want to create a cozy atmosphere. This feature can also be beneficial in areas where you want to minimize glare or keep the sun’s strong rays at bay during the summer season.

What styles are available for lavender curtains?

There is a wide range of styles available for lavender curtains, each offering a unique look and feel. Some popular styles include puddle-length, poolable, knee-length, and full-length. Puddle-length curtains touch, but do not pool on the floor, while poolable curtains create a dramatic effect when they fall on the floor. Knee-length curtains, as the name suggests, fall at the knee and create a more minimalistic look.

As for the design, lavender curtains can have various pattern options, including solids, embroidered designs, or even floral prints. You can choose lavender curtains with a natural, woven texture or go for a more refined, smooth finish. The choice is yours, all depending on your personal style and the desired ambiance of your space.

How do I care for lavender curtains?

The care for lavender curtains will depend on the material they are made from. In general, it is best to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. For example, some materials may require dry cleaning, while others can be safely laundered at home. Be sure to wash and dry lavender curtains in cold water to avoid fading their color.

It is also essential to maintain proper cleaning habits to prevent dust buildup. Regularly vacuum or dust your curtains to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating on the fabric. If your lavender curtains become stained, it is best to spot clean the affected area using a mild detergent and cold water, then dry them away from direct sunlight.

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